Top Tips

The Manfood range is wonderfully versatile – and below are just a few serving suggestions that we (and friends) have discovered. Feel free to experiment, and do let us know your tips.

  1. Smoked tomato sauce – works very well with pork. For a mansized breakfast bap, why not fry up a little bacon, sausage and egg, and assemble in a bun with a generous dollop of smoked tomato?
  2. Smoked tomato sauce – use as a cooking sauce. Grill your favourite chops, and just a few minutes before they’re done, slather some smoked tomato sauce over the top. Delicious.
  3. Achar pickle – for a funky fried snack, make some toast, then spoon a dollop of pickle on. Then fry an egg in a knob of butter, and pour over the top. You can spice it up further with a few drops of Tabasco.
  4. Bread & butter pickles – for a cheat’s raita, simply drain the cucumber and shallots from the liquid, then stir into thick natural yoghurt.
  5. Quick starter – for a super quick starter, why not assemble a snack board? Fill three small bowls with each of the pickles, and then add smoked salmon, cheese and cold meats plus some good bread.