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Manfood is a new range of great tasting foods that are simply made and packed with flavour: no flavourings, no additives, no messing.

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  • Ale Chutney
    Ale Chutney - 190g
    190g Plums, Red wine vinegar (contains sulphites), Apple, Dark brown sugar, Onion, Dark Ale (contains Barley)(5.4%), Dates, Sultanas, Carrots, Swede, Salt, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger powder, Allspice. Nutritional Information > Nutritional information Per 100g Energy (KJ) 513KJ Energy (Kcal) 121kcal Fat 0.54g - of which saturates 0.0g Carbohydrate 26.4g - of which Sugars 25.7g Protein 2.3g Salt 1.4g